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How long will the exam take?

The examination can take between 30-45 minutes. It generally takes longer if we are dilating the eyes or if the patient is trying on different contact lenses.


When is it necessary to dilate the eyes?

Patients with diabetes or high myopia should get the eyes dilated yearly.  All patients noticing flashes of light or floaters also need a dilated exam to properly rule out a problem with the retina.  A dilated eye exam gives the optometrist a more thorough look inside the eyes, so it is recommended for most new patients.  


How long will my vision be blurry if I dilate the eyes?

The blurred vision and light sensitivity will take about three hours to go away. 


Why should I tell my optometrist if I am pregnant or nursing?

We generally do not use eye drops, unless necessary during the exam, if you are pregnant or nursing. 


Am I suitable for LASIK?

A consultation is necessary to determine whether or not you are eligible for LASIK.  However, it is absolutely required that you are at least 21 years of age before you consider the procedure.


Why do my eyes still feel dry even though I am using lubricating eye drops?

Not all lubricating eye drops are the same.  Depending on your type of dry eyes, you may need a specific brand.  There are also medicated eye drops, like Restasis, and certain vitamins that you can take for the dry eye syndrome. This is why it is important to have a thorough exam to evaluate your eyes and discuss your options.


Should I take vitamins for my eyes?

There are many vitamins marketed for ocular health. However, depending on your family history and current ocular health, you may or may not benefit from them. Your optometrist can discuss these pros and cons with you.

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