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 Your Eye Exam  

Here's what to expect 

When you schedule a comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Phiyen Le, you will get a thorough health and vision assessment of your eyes.  Because, why should you have to compromise one over the other? Did you know, that certain eye conditions like dry eye, can actually blur your vision? Your optimal vision comes from having optimal eye health. That is why it is so important that your eye doctor gives you the time and proper examination that you deserve.

Ocular Health Exam
You will be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire form when you first arrive.
It is important to list all your current medications because they can have ocular side effects.
All patients will be evaluated for signs of dry eye syndrome and ocular allergies.  Then, we will examine the inside of the eyes. Photos of the inside of the eyes may be taken if there is a need to monitor certain eye conditions that you may have. 
Vision Exam
Glasses are the most popular means to correct your vision problems. However, we can discuss options like contacts and multifocal contacts to help with your everyday needs. No two eyes are alike.  That is why it is important for you to discuss with your  eye doctor if you would like to explore alternative options.  We also offer laser corrective surgery consultations and Misight myopia control contact lenses!
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